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Custom Metal Stamping Powder Coating Red Color Display Stand

Material: Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Galvanized Steel, Brass, etc Delivery Time: 15 days for sample, 30 days for mass production Payment Term: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, etc Service: OEM & ODM is acceptable Processing: Laser cutting, Punching, Bending, Stamping, Welding,Polishing, etc Color: White Black or Customized

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Product Description

The display stands can be divided into: floor-standing display stands, maglev display stands, desktop display stands, hanging display stands, special-shaped display stands, theme display piles, and rotating display stands. According to the material, it can be divided into: paper display stand, metal display stand, plexiglass display stand, plastic display stand, Chevron display stand, composite material display stand, titanium alloy display stand.

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